We are the digital SG-1 team.

Starting as a validator with a setup that will be explained in more detail below. We are developing Software all around Cosmos and Tendermint to foster development. Our mission is to find new planets and ecosystems. Through the Stargate we hope to find many different ecosystems with different liveforms, philosophies and technologies.

To do our duty, we support the Stargate update as good as we can.

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Validator and Software developer.

Starting our mission in 2020, our goal is to create top-end validator architecture and contribute with software to security, monitoring and innovation.

  • Birthday: 15 July 2020
  • Website:
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  • City: Berlin, Germany
  • Validator Name: SG-1
  • Staking Fee: 0%
  • Downtime Protection: 100%

We have already built software and created infrastructure that hopefully helps onboarding new users into the Cosmos or can provide information and intelligence to software creators working with Cosmos or Tendermint in general.

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We validate the following blockchains:

IBC Mainhub
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Cosmos is the forefront of Cosmos SDK chains. It secures more than 1B USD worth in assets and will act as main Hub as soon as IBC is enabled. Other blockchains are expected to be in contact with Cosmos via shared security and token transfers.

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DeFi / BNB / USDX on Cosmos
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Kava is an own blockchain concentrating on various powers that DeFi offers. Other than other most DeFi projects, Kava is not an ERC20 or ERC777 Token but running an own native token. It offers a stable coin (USD) and many more powerful DeFi applications.

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Secret Smart Contracts
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Secrets main strength are Private Smart Contract. They allow for smart contracts to have private features. Secret is currently unique in this offering and expecting several apps to launch on their blockchain. As own blockchain project, Secret has spawned from ENG and works intensively on the privacy of blockchain users.

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B2B Crypto Onboarding
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Ki chain is running a Cosmos SDK chain and looks to onboard B2B projects into the blockchain system. Emerging from year long business experience, the Ki team makes their products and code available to the blockchain and are working with several businesses to get them started on the blockchain project.

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The Unstoppable Cloud
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The DeCloud for DeFi, and the world's first decentralized cloud computing marketplace.

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Stablecoins & Banking
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Currency-backed stablecoins offer several advantages over algorithmic stablecoins:
Having a full reserve makes it possible to maintain a constant demand for the tokens. Knowing that you can always sell your tokens back at their current value.
Available stablecoins:

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Our server infrastructure is growing rapidly. We bring services to Tendermint / Cosmos blockchains.


In order to realise the Projects we work on. We need your help!

We want to build software that empowers, grows, foster developement and is easy to use.

Building Software that lasts.

Cosmos Tipbot 100%
Web51 25%
Collectables 100%
Gex 100%
Cosmos-Bip44 100%


In order to archieve our goals, we are offering a variety of services.


We protect you.
We offer soft-slash protection. We refund downtime slashing to 100%.


We monitor our servers 24/7 and have alerting systems in place something goes unexpected. Years of experience managing nodes helped us setup a high quality monitoring.


We love statistics and hard facts. We gather network statistics to understand each of the networks better and help optimise them.


We place efforts to be as distributed as possible, while maintaining reachability of our servers. Our infrastructure is split between the biggest datahouses in the world added with independent nodes in smaller networks.


We do not shy to be different and creative. Blockchain needs to be security first but after this there is plenty of room for innovation.


We have clear rules on the security of our infrastructure. Some of it is public and ready to use and control for you.


Our current Validator, Server and Software Projects.

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We're based in Berlin. Contact us through email or this contact form.


Berlin, Germany

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